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With Families on Vacation and Key Decision-Makers on Hiatus, Many Consultants and Bricks-and-Mortar Businesses Say August Is Their Slowest Month.

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But Here’s How to Bring Past Buyers (and New Ones) Into Your Business for Serious August Cash-Flow.

Several years ago, one of my clients mentioned that they saw excellent cash-flow during August — traditionally a “down” month for most businesses. This was despite the fact that they weren’t in the travel industry or any other vertical market that might see a boost during summer vacation months.

Their comment surprised me since, as a direct-response marketer, I and many of my colleagues usually saw August as the worst month for revenues.

What was their secret? While virtually every other business in town slowed its marketing during August, my clients increased theirs. They sent multiple marketing campaigns… to different segments of their list… with a unique offer for each segment.

Prospective customers received a different offer than existing customers did. Some names got a phone call, while others got a letter. Not only was the marketing copy different for each “mini campaign,” but the product and service bundles were, too.

What can you do THIS month to insure that August is one of your best revenue months ever?

Here are some strategies that have worked:

• Send a letter or make a phone call to prospective clients, telling them you have open appointments during August: If you must pay your service personnel whether you have booked appointments or not — or if your consulting calendar has unfilled time — you can use this fact as an appeal to turn prospects in paying first-time customers. Often times, the rationale of why you’re offering a specific product or price is the most important element of good copywriting.

Making a special deal just for August (or bundling a special package when they become a new customer during August) makes perfect sense to prospects — especially when you explain that August is typically a slow month that you’re willing to fill with eager new customers. You can even say you’ll “bribe” them with an extraordinary deal.

What could you say in a headline, telemarketing pitch or opening paragraph of a direct-mail letter? Here’s an example:

During the Month of August, We Experience Our Slow Time.
If You’ll Let Us Clean Your Carpets Over the Next 30 Days
On Our Schedule, We’ll Clean Six Rooms for the Price of Two.

Even Though It’s Slow During August, We Still Have to Pay Our Technicians.
That’s Why We’re Willing to Shamelessly Bribe You With a 37% Discount,
If You’ll Become a New Customer Before August 31st.

• Run a product launch campaign: Five years ago, one of the most successful campaigns ever conducted was used (during August) to launch a high-priced coaching program. The expert behind the campaign told me that, at one point, he was adding more than 5,000 names per day to his email list — as dozens of colleagues endorsed him and emailed their own lists about a special report he had written. He generated nearly a million dollars in revenue in less than two hours when his coaching program was finally put on sale. And he did it all during August.

While other online marketers were on vacation, the Internet was left wide open for his campaign to go viral. A couple of weeks later, I too conducted one of my most successful product re-releases, starting just before September 1st when most other marketers were on hiatus.

What’s a product launch campaign?

It’s a 28-day schedule of emails sent to your own growing list of new opt-ins. Other experts and email list owners send an enticing email to their list, endorsing you and mentioning that you have a controversial new report, interview or other free item available for immediate download. Interested prospects click a link in the email and are taken to your webpage to read about the free download and opt-in to get it.

Then, for the next 28 days, you bombard them with a pre-determined schedule of informative emails and other free downloads — preparing them for the day you eventually release your new product. The excitement and social proof that has built up during the previous 28 days (plus bonuses that disappear over the first few hours of the sale) cause a rush of people to buy your product as soon as you “open the doors.”

Many Internet marketing experts teach others to conduct these campaigns — and charge thousands of dollars for this training. If you’re on a budget, however, you can get my comprehensive tutorial (complete with a day-by-day calendar, sample marketing emails, affiliate pitches, a checklist of webpages and other details you’ll need to implement a campaign with confidence) in my Instant Income Business Enhancement System home-study course. Click here for details.

August, the quiet month, is an ideal time to run these product launches while other marketers are on vacation.

• Telephone your past customers to get renewals or repeat orders: You’d be surprised how much more receptive customers are to receiving a phone call from a trusted business during the slower, lazy days of late summer. Far removed from the hectic holiday pace of December or back-to-school fervor in September or other times of the year, you can have a real conversation with past customers about renewing or upgrading or simply buying more of what they’ve purchased already. Many small businesses also use the slow summer days to clean up their storeroom, organize their paperwork or make plans for the Fall — so it’s a good time to reconnect with a special offer on supplies or other inventory they may have depleted.

Additionally, we’ve found at my company that new-business development is also easier in August. Potential joint-venture partners or endorsers are less busy and actually have time to speak on the phone about how we can mutually benefit each other’s businesses.

All these campaigns are easy to plan and execute with a little guidance from my latest home-study course, the Instant Income Business Enhancement System. If you have yet to establish cash-generating systems in your business… if your revenue is unpredictable… if you need a better way to reliably bring in cash-flow, these systems will help you easily execute pre-scheduled marketing campaigns, run advertising that makes the phone ring, use sales strategies that convert prospective customers to cash-paying buyers, and more. Click here to read more about these systems and the step-by-step program for establishing them starting today.

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Janet Switzer
Editor, Instant Income Revenue Report

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