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Most companies get referrals by luck, but a smart business owner will pro-actively contact his happy customers and ask for referrals to family, friends, co-workers and colleagues.  Of course, any business can develop a referral program — including consultants and professional practitioners.

How can you contact customers and ask them to recommend others to you?

  • Include a special letter in their next shipment thanking them for their business and asking them to pass along an enclosed flyer to friends and family.
  • At your website or in your e-newsletter, ask readers to forward the link to friends who can register themselves for your service. Here’s a free tell-a-friend service for your website.
  • Provide referral rewards. When a customer refers someone else, both people get a discount on services.
  • Send personalized letters to your customers who are professional practitioners asking them to mention you to their client base. Offer to provide a free consultation to any of their clients who respond.
  • Credit the customer’s account when they send you new business. Many customers could enjoy free products and services from you when they send you enough new business.
  • Promote bring-a-friend offers. When a customer brings a friend or spouse to enjoy services with them, both people get a discount. This strategy is ideal for slow days or months at your personal-services business.

Referrals typically bring in the best customers. Start your program today.

I’d be really interested in hearing how you get referrals… let me know by leaving a reply below.

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