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Many Professionals Charge $500 to $1,000 Per HOUR for Their Private Consulting and Coaching Services…

The Next Person to Join This Elite Group Should Be YOU.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned from developing strategy and marketing campaigns for many of the biggest name experts out there…

When they make themselves available to do private consultations and coaching, they charge a very high price per hour.

Think about your own situation for a moment. If you’re a coach or consultant and you’re not already charging more than the most expensive lawyer or the most sought-after expert in your industry, you need to increase your fees now.

Why? Because doing so leads to an immediate boost in your leading expert status.

Think about it.

Would the best-known expert in your industry charge $100 an hour — or a high price that people would be happy to pay just to get on their calendar?

Of course, you can’t charge high fees just for 60 minutes of one-on-one chat time with a client. Today, I reveal the same strategy I’ve given to hundreds of clients over the years for packaging expensive consulting and coaching time, while providing maximum value, impact and credibility.

But before I detail the complete strategy and provide all the sample documents and marketing emails you’ll need to execute this strategy — all FREE TO YOU as my gift — I have both a favor to ask and an announcement to make…

First, the announcement:

Over the years, hundreds of my subscribers and clients have asked me to provide marketing campaigns they can instantly execute in their business. They’ve asked for a checklist of things to do, marketing pieces they can replicate, and detailed tutorials to help them understand every step as they implement.

But more importantly, they’ve wanted each campaign to be easy to integrate into their business… instantly actionable without a lot of advance work… and require just a few hours (or less) to review, understand and execute (either by themselves or by an assistant).

After much thought about how to fulfill these requests, I’ve decided to launch (in a few weeks’ time) an ongoing series of affordable, “done-for-you” monthly marketing campaigns that you or your staff can easily execute within minutes or hours of receiving them.

Like all of my other products, this monthly tutorial and package of associated marketing pieces won’t just tell you “what to do” — it will tell you HOW to execute in step-by-step detail using actual ads, sales letters, emails, webpages and other items I’ll include. In some months, I’ll go through my Rolodex and interview top industry pros (not corporate figureheads, but the ones behind-the-scenes who do the actual work of building successful businesses). Even then, a step-by-step guide and sample marketing pieces will always be included.

I’m in the final planning stages, but wanted to get your input about what you need to be successful at creating instant income in your business.

Could you give me your input by clicking over and completing this brief survey?

I’ll keep you posted — on the survey results and the upcoming monthly marketing service.

And now for today’s issue of the Revenue Report on selling high-priced consulting and coaching services.

Make no mistake: These are not group calls where combined fees add up to $1,000 — but real, one-on-one private consulting to clients and consumers who have sought out your expertise.

This is the same system we use at my company to keep my consulting calendar full at $1,000 per hour.

To begin offering expensive consultations to your list of customers (or offer them to callers wanting to know how they can work with you), first assemble the deliverables you’ll need to make your expensive consultations worth the price you’ll charge:

Develop a pre-consultation questionnaire for clients to complete and email back to you 48 hours ahead of their consultation time. (Review the sample questionnaire in today’s free strategy package and create your own questionnaire by formulating questions related to your subject matter.)

• Be prepared to record these consultations so you can send a permanent record of your recommendations. I use a simple recording software called Audacity, which you can find for free on the Internet. Audacity lets you record calls (and edit if necessary), then export them from Audacity to a large MP3 file that can be emailed to the client via a free online service like YouSendIt.com. (You’ll need a simple device to connect your telephone to a microphone you connect to your computer’s USB port.) An even easier way to record a consultation is to use a conference calling service — such as freeconferencecall.com –which allows you to record calls and give clients a playback phone number to call and listen to the recording.

Begin assembling an archive of follow-up documents you might need to send to consultation clients. If you know that most consultation clients need help in a certain area — and you have documents that could help them — start a folder on your hard drive to store these documents. That way, you can easily send a follow-up email with the document(s) your client needs.

Decide what you will offer as a bonus gift when clients book a consultation. Do you have a home-study course, a recording of a speech or interview you did, or another service you can provide inexpensively or at no cost? If you include a gift-with-purchase valued at $495 or more, it makes your consultation package that much more valuable.

You’ll also need a sharable calendar — such as the one Google offers — if your staff will be scheduling these consultations for you. This allows them to schedule without calling back and forth between you and the client to verify available times. It’s imperative if your personal assistant works at another location. If you don’t have an assistant or prefer not to have them handling appointments for you, try an online scheduler like TimeTrade.com where clients can book their own appointment time from time slots you designate.

Consider scheduling all your appointments on the same day of the week — such as Thursdays — to lessen the impact on the rest of your workweek.

Once you’ve assembled these deliverables, you’ll need to announce your consulting services to your own list first, then later to prospects who call in or visit your website. To get the complete details on how to market these $500 to $1,000 consultations, click below to get today’s free strategy package.

The marketing pieces you’ll need — including emails, planning guide, even a sample questionnaire — are available at: http://www.instantincome.com/survey

Of course, the information you’ll find in today’s package is much more robust than you’ve seen in past issues of the Revenue Report, but there is a method to my madness. I’ve compiled the campaign into the same kind of monthly marketing package you would receive as a subscriber to my monthly “done-for-you” marketing service.

Today’s package is free of charge.

But just to make sure that future packages meet the needs of business owners like you, I’ve put the link to today’s free strategy package at the bottom of the customer survey form. There’s no obligation to complete the survey, but while you’re on the page, can you do me a favor? Answer those questions that apply to your business. There is no requirement to provide any identifying information, nor any obligation to make a purchase.

I would be very appreciative. Don’t forget to click here and get today’s free marketing-campaign package. With what you read there, you too can begin offering high priced, one-hour standalone consultations that will boost your credibility in your industry.

Thanks for helping me to serve you better,

Instant Income

Janet Switzer

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Then, be sure to click over and get today’s free marketing strategy for charging $500 to $1,000 per hour for consulting time. You’ll be taken to it after our brief customer survey.

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