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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about Janet Switzer, her products, the customer service team and more. If you don’t find an answer to your question please contact us at clientservices@janetswitzer.com

General Information

Who is Janet Switzer?

A 25-year veteran of the marketing and advertising field, Janet Switzer is unique among experts as the woman who’s developed and executed the day-to-day income-generation strategies of many of the world’s top celebrity entrepreneurs: Chicken Soup for the Soul co-founder Jack Canfield, financial guru David Bach, master motivational speaker Les Brown, Internet income expert Yanik Silver, America’s highest-paid marketing consultant Jay Abraham, and The One Minute Millionaire coauthor Mark Victor Hansen, among others.

Today, she’s the #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring in the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs from McGraw-Hill Publishers. As well, she’s the New York Times and USA Today best-selling co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, published in 30 languages worldwide.

Miss Switzer speaks annually to thousands of entrepreneurs, independent sales professionals, corporate employees and industry association members on the principles of success and income generation. Miss Switzer has been a widely published journalist and is a former columnist with Nightingale-Conant’s AdvantEdge magazine and Training Magazine (Asia Edition). She’s also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, Time Magazine, US Weekly, Entrepreneur Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Metropolitan Magazine, Costco Connection and countless other periodicals and newspapers.

As one of America’s most respected authorities in the knowledge products industry, she also helps achievers who are experts in their field attain worldwide status and million-dollar incomes by building publishing empires around their business strategies, training concepts, industry expertise and unique market posture. Her multi-media short-course How Experts Build Empires is the industry’s definitive work on the subject of developing and marketing knowledge products.

What is the mailing address for Success Resources?

Success Resources International
P.O. Box 1063
Franklin, TN 37065 U.S.A.

How do I submit a success story?

Janet would love to hear about your success with the Instant Income® or How Experts Build Empires strategies. Please email us your story at clientservices@janetswitzer.com for a personal response from Janet.

Media, Speaking and Business Development Questions

*How can I schedule an interview with Janet Switzer?

If you are a journalist or media professional and have an inquiry, or would like to arrange an interview with Janet Switzer, please email development@janetswitzer.com. Or visit Janet’s Media Resources and Meeting Planner webpage for articles, the Instant Income® media kit and more.

How can I hire Janet Switzer to speak at my event?

To check Janet’s availability and receive more information about her speaking topics and fees, email us at development@janetswitzer.com. Or visit Janet’s webpage designed especially for meeting planners, seminar promoters and customer-outreach managers.

I would like to do business with Janet Switzer. Who do I talk to?

If you would like to do business with Janet Switzer’s companies, are developing a media project or would like to inquire about unique Instant Income-branded publications customized for your company, please email us at development@janetswitzer.com.

I am a journalist/media professional on deadline. Who can I contact for help?

Please contact our offices at +1 (805) 499-9400 or email us clientservices@janetswitzer.com

I need to download a photo of Janet Switzer for my upcoming event or article.

Please visit Janet’s speaking services page.

I need Janet Switzer's biography for my upcoming event or article.

Please email us at clientservices@janetswitzer.com to request Janet’s current professional biography plus additional marketing materials not featured on the Instant Income website.  We have a huge inventory of articles, display advertisements, radio spots, promotional video clips, podcasts and more that can easily be re-purposed to help you promote Janet’s participation at your event! 

Free Newsletters, Reports and Downloads

Where can I find free resources listed in the Instant Income book?

Please click here to find free resources.

I just purchased Instant Income online. How do I get my free bonus gifts?

Thank you for your book purchase and your interest in the business advice of Janet Switzer! To access your free bonus gifts, please click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

What is the Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Program?

If your personal or business finances are in trouble, often the most difficult thing to do is taking the first step toward turning your situation around. The Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Plan can help. Over just 10 days, it walks you through a complete plan for taking action every day—decisively and productively—with the goal of bringing in badly needed cash.

Together with the Instant Income book from McGraw-Hill Publishers, this complete and informative 10-day plan will help you turn your worry and anxiety into action and empowerment. Whether you own a small business, work for someone else’s small business or have just a few hours a week to pursue occasional money-making projects, the Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Plan will give you easy-to-follow strategies to help boost your cash-flow quickly.

Where can I find the Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Program?

To download the Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Program, please click here.

Where can I subscribe to the "How Experts Build Empires" report series?

To subscribe to the “How Experts build Empires” report series, please click here and opt-in with your name and email address.

How can I update my email address or contact information on your list?

Please email us clientservices@janetswitzer.com to update your contact information.

Hiring Janet to Work on My Business

How can I hire Janet to work on my business?

Janet is available for intensive strategic planning sessions—either one hour or a full day. To read more and schedule time on Janet’s calendar, visit the How Experts Build Empires website.

Janet Switzer’s Products and Books

Where can I purchase the Instant Income book?

You can purchase Instant Income in multiple languages from bookstores and bookshops throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia-Pacific and elsewhere. You can also purchase the book online from retailers such as Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and others. If you follow the directions to buy the book online using this special link, you will receive FREE Janet’s Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Program and numerous other free bonuses.

What is the "How Experts Build Empires" marketing plan and how can I order it?

The “How Experts Build Empires” marketing plan is Janet Switzer’s proven system that catapults you to the top of your industry and helps you develop lucrative profit centers that can help you earn millions. Read more about the plan and follow the links to our secure shopping cart so you can purchase online.

I received the link to download the "How Experts Build Empires" marketing plan, but why am I unable to download the document?

When you receive the download link email after purchasing the “How Experts Build Empires” marketing plan, you have 24 hours to download the document. If it has been more than 24 hours since you received the link and you are unable to download the document, please click here clientservices@janetswitzer.com to contact a Customer Service Representative.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes, you can place an order by telephone for all products except the Instant Income book (available only in bookstores and at online booksellers). Please call our offices at +1 (805) 499 9400 (press “1” for Customer Service).

Can I enter different billing and shipping information for my purchase?

Yes, you can. If you choose to order through our secure shopping cart, you will see separate sections for billing information and for shipping information.

What will happen after I place my order?

Once you place your order, your credit card will be charged and your order will be processed. Once your item has shipped, you will be sent an email with your tracking information. Please note that the How Experts Build Empires marketing plan is delivered automatically via email once you purchase through our secure shopping cart. If you do not receive an email with the download link to the marketing plan, please contact us via email clientservices@janetswitzer.com.

How can I check the status of my order?

All products are shipped directly from our fulfillment center and should arrive within 8-15 business days. If your item has already shipped, please refer to the email you received which contains your tracking information. Should you still have additional questions regarding your order, please contact us via email clientservices@janetswitzer.com.

Can I return merchandise I ordered and receive a refund?

Yes. We accept product returns only within the specified guarantee period noted for each product on its individual web information page — typically 15 days or 30 days. If you are returning a product, please email us clientservices@janetswitzer.com to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Your return WILL NOT be accepted and a refund will not be processed without this RMA number. Please write your RMA number on the box and send it with proof of delivery and a shipper’s tracking number to the address below. Please note that you are responsible for shipping and handling fees for the return. No COD parcels will be accepted.

Success Resources International Inc.
107 North Reino Road #415
Newbury Park, CA 91320 U.S.A.

We cannot accept responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of lost packages without proof of delivery. When your authorized return is received, we will credit the same credit card account with which the original purchase was made. If you paid via PayPal, you will receive credit to your PayPal account. If you paid with check or money order, you will be sent a money order in the amount of your refund. We will process your return as soon as possible, but please allow up to 2 weeks for your refund to be processed and up to two billing cycles for the refund to appear on your credit card statement. You will receive an email once your return has processed. *Upon receipt of returned goods, we have the right to deny a refund if the merchandise does not meet the company return policy requirements.

Your refund will be in the amount of the original purchase price less shipping and handling fees. No product may be returned for refund after the guarantee period has expired.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee which is noted for each product on its individual web information page — typically 15 days or 30 days. Please refer to our return and refund policy (above under “Can I return merchandise I ordered and receive a refund?”).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we regularly ship our products around the world. International shipping options/prices are available at our secure shopping cart and are specific to the product being ordered.

What shipping options do you offer?

Shipping options and prices are available at our secure shopping cart and are specific to the product being ordered.

How do I know I'm ordering at your secure website?

Protecting your personal information is very important to us. In our shopping cart checkout process, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the industry-standard encryption technology that ensures the safety and security of your online order. When the letters “http” in the URL change to “https,” the “s” indicates you are in a secure area employing SSL; your browser may also give you a pop-up message that you’re about to enter a secure area. In addition, you can identify the secure mode if you see either a solid key icon or a locked padlock icon in the URL of your browser window.

What payment options do you offer? Can I use a credit card?

We accept the following forms of credit card payment: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. All credit card orders are subject to credit card authorization and verification prior to processing; we cannot ship orders unless all billing information is correct.

We also accept payment by check and money order. Please allow 10 days for check/money order to clear prior to your order being shipped. Mail your check or money order (payable to “Success Resources International”) along with your order form (or a print-out of our online order page) to Success Resources International, 107 North Reino Road #415, Newbury Park, CA 91320 U.S.A.

How will I know my order has been received?

After ordering, you will receive two email confirmations from us; one confirming receipt of your order and one to notify you when your order ships.

I received damaged/missing products. What do I do?

We apologize for any problems that may have occurred with your order during fulfillment and shipping. Please call +1 (805) 499 9400 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Or email us clientservices@janetswitzer.com. We will assist you as quickly as possible.

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