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If you spend all day just running your business, manufacturing your product or delivering a service to your customers, you may not have a lot of extra time leftover for conducting marketing. That’s when it makes sense to hire someone who can do the marketing and bring in the cash. (In fact, today, you can often hire these people on a part-time, percentage-of-revenue or project-by-project basis.)

What do you need to know before bringing on a smart marketer?

For one thing, all marketing promotions are implemented either online or offline.

What are offline promotions? Anything that takes place outside the Internet. For instance:

• Trade shows
• Radio and TV commercials
• Direct mail / card decks / Val-Pak mailers
• Catalog placement
• Preview workshops
• Statement stuffers
• Press releases
• In-store and lobby promotions
• Display advertising
• Billboards, literature racks, charity programs
• Teleseminars and webinars and other non-traditional marketing outlets

When building your optimum cash-generation team, it’s best to think ahead toward splitting your marketing management between online promotions (Internet marketing) and offline promotions. The main reason for this is that online marketing is getting more and more specialized by the day. With new kinds of technologies and opportunities being developed all the time, it’s difficult for one manager to maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge about the Internet — particularly if you have lots of marketing programming to manage which doesn’t leave extra time for training.

For most small businesses, you’ll want someone who is comfortable developing a promotional plan, then initiating all promotions — without you telling them what to do every step of the way. In fact, you’ll ideally want someone who knows more about marketing than you do.


Because the truth is most small business owners go into business to pursue something they love to do. But while they may be superb at doing what they love to do, too often they just are not great marketers. If this describes you, then you need an initiator who will take charge of your marketing promotions and execute them with assurance.

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