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Typically in any ad, sales letter, webpage or other marketing device, you’ll want to talk about the features and benefits of your product or service first — before detailing the offer. (Remember that the offer includes elements like the price, purchase terms, any discounts, cut-off date to purchase and so on.)

If you’re writing a longer direct-response style letter or webpage, before detailing the actual offer, list what’s included in the product or service package you’re selling, the benefits a customer would receive, the new lifestyle they’ll enjoy once they own the product or service, testimonials and case studies, and any other compelling information.

All copy that sells the reader on the package being offered — before you ever mention the price.

This proven formula — of discussing all the benefits before discussing the price — is a formula that could literally transform the response rates you’ve experienced in your marketing efforts so far.

By the time you finally discuss the price — that is, the actual offer — you have two things in your favor:

(1) a committed, qualified reader who is interested enough to have read this far into your sales letter or ad, and;

(2) a potential buyer who is virtually pre-sold to the point where price almost becomes no object. In fact, if you’ve done your job of presenting your product or service in such a way that the reader simply must have it, price will NEVER be a deciding factor. If the reader wants it bad enough, they’ll find the money to purchase.

Start writing the offer by restating briefly what the buyer will get when they purchase and what their results might be if they buy. Then — and only then — mention the price of your product or service. When you structure your offer this way — and after reading about everything they’re going to get and the major changes that will happen in their life as a result of buying from you, the prospective buyer’s natural reaction should be, “Wow, I’d pay anything for that.”

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