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FREE Special Report: “Instant Income New Business Planner”

This FREE downloadable PDF document details 10 strategies for generating new business in any enterprise! Written in easy-to-understand style, it will help you pursue new business and cash-flow with confidence — whether you’re a business owner, manager, start-up entrepreneur or part-time second-income earner.

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Instant Income New Business Planner

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You’ll also receive Janet’s unique 21 Days of Small-Business Training and Income-Generation Strategies — Delivered conveniently via email! It includes:

Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Program — A unique companion guide to the Instant Income book that details what to do every day for 10 days to deposit cash into your bank account…using any one of 35 quick-cash strategies Janet describes. Features 25 pages of detailed tutorials and planning worksheets.

Internet Press Release Distribution Guide — A compelling and easy-to-use guide that details how to distribute press releases on the Internet that generate instant traffic to a website or instant calls to your store. From keyword-embedding to free distribution to crafting your press release, this 10-page guide steps you through every aspect of a campaign that gets real-world results.

Direct Mail and Sales Letters That Bring In the Cash — In this additional free download, Janet details how to write a sales letter then use it to bring in new business. She reveals which types of sales pieces to use, how to determine the ultimate purpose of your sales letter, how to handle response — plus she provides a complete worksheet for writing the actual letter itself!


Income:Series Planned-for-You Monthly Marketing Campaigns

Income : Series

Delivered monthly, this series of affordable, “planned-for-you” marketing campaigns will have you and your staff easily executing within minutes or hours of downloading them. Plus, Janet’s designed all campaigns in a logical sequence — starting with those income-generation campaigns you’ll want to have in place in order to generate steady cash-flow month after month! Each month’s tutorial includes a collection of associated marketing pieces that tell you HOW to execute in step-by-step detail using actual ads, sales letters, emails, webpages and other items Janet’s included.

Instant Income Small Business Plan

Business Plan

This downloadable document is unlike any business plan you’ve seen! Instead of projections, forecasts and descriptive content, it’s packed with real-world strategies designed to help you establish operations within your business that work continuously… bringing in cash on a regular basis through structured, pre-planned campaigns, promotions, sales follow-up, distributor development, list-building and other activities.

Includes Janet’s bonus Instant Income Implementation Guide to help you execute on any pre-planned campaign.

Instant Income Complete Revenue-Generation System

A packaged multi-media course of manuals, audio material and other tutorials, this home-study course allows small-business owners to better implement the Instant Income book’s strategies on a long-term basis. Includes tutorials, worksheets, audio lectures, a sample marketing archive and a planning calendar that helps readers establish the seven most critical cash-flow systems in their business including: Prospecting and Lead Generation System; Sales and Lead Conversion System; New-Business Development System; Cash-Flow Generating Staff and others. Read more about it here.

Business Building System

This comprehensive business-building system includes:

Instant Income 7-Module Business Enhancement System — Turning Instant Income into steady long-term cash-flow in a small business requires proven, hassle-free, systems that make your job easier. In this 7-part manual, you will learn about the 7 major systems that can put instant income and steady cash-flow into your bank account on a regular basis. From your Internet selling system, to your cash-flow generating staff, to new-business development, prospecting systems – even your sales team – this comprehensive guide tells you what to do, why to do it and – most importantly – how to do it in easy-to-follow steps. You’ll learn quickly and be able to benefit immediately from these simple systems explained in detail using everyday language.

Instant Income Business Enhancement Strategies Audio Bonus — A complete audio training designed specifically to help you create Instant Income in your small business. This 8-week step-by-step, comprehensive audio guide helps you execute important strategies that help bring in the money. From pre-selling products to selling what you know to making your company distinctive in the marketplace — it’s here!

Instant Income Advertising & Copywriting Course — This comprehensive audio tutorial (on CD) helps you develop the written copy and other words that help create Instant Income. You’ll learn powerful direct-response advertising principles, the 16 components of a well written ad or sales letter—plus Janet even includes a library of nearly 100 sample marketing pieces, sales letters, ads and other devices you can emulate.

Instant Income 12-Month Cash-Flow Planner — Get ready to plan an entire year’s worth of profitable, powerful income-generating campaigns—and develop other business-building activity! This step-by-step, structured guide walks you through every major area of your business— helping you make plans that are easy to execute immediately and even easier to integrate on a long-term basis. Delivered in a handsome leather-like portfolio that can sit on your desktop and be reviewed and revised again and again. Includes the comprehensive 12-month Instant Income Planning Calendar… plus 123 pages of worksheets to help you execute individual Instant Income strategies and establish the 7 Instant Income cash-flow systems.

A copy of the Instant Income book is also included with this product.

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