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who would resist?Prospecting smart is important. Why? Because the marketing of your business is just too big of an investment, too valuable an asset and too time-sensitive an activity to market any other way.

You can’t just look at a single random lead-generation campaign — done infrequently or haphazardly — and get any kind of definitive analysis as to how it will improve your business.

You can’t just focus on one ad or one letter or one commercial and hope that tweaking it will change your business.

You have to look at the whole process, from start to finish, and ask yourself:

• Who are my ideal prospects and how can I get my offer heard, seen or read by more of them?  How can I get more of them to open the envelope, call on the phone, ask for the information kit, respond?

• Does what I’m doing make sense or am I simply doing it this way because it’s how we’ve always done it?  How can I do it easier, faster, with less risk? How can I use one person or one business to reach many more of my ideal prospects while they’re in a buying mind-set?

• What method can I use that other industries use effectively, but that none of my competitors uses?

What can I do to change my prospecting so I do more of it? Lower the cost? Run smaller ads?  Supplement with free press releases?  Automate the response method so my staff doesn’t get overwhelmed with phone calls?

•  Is it easy for my prospects to say “yes” to my offer and take action?

• How can I get endorsements from my customers, vendors, competitors, business neighbors or any other business that is already serving my ideal prospect?

Prospecting the Instant Income way means not only that you run prospecting campaigns consistently, but that you use more than one prospecting method AND make it easy for buyers to say “yes” to you.

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