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In this continuing short-course about crafting compelling offers that generate Instant Income for a small business, two techniques we use on the sales floor that translate very well into written product and service offers are scarcity and the take-away close. 

Scarcity — or a limited supply — works well in crafting offers because it entices the reader to call immediately to purchase one of the few available units or book one of the few available appointments. This boosts your response rate, but also creates a more immediate response meaning more instant income in your bank account.

The take-away close is very similar.  After writing page after page selling the reader on your product or service — to the point where they’re sold but they just need to know the price — you actually take-away the opportunity and hint that they may not actually be able to purchase.  And what do people want when they think they can’t have something? They want it even more.  This technique tends to reduce price objections when you do finally discuss the price in your written offer.

One way to use the “take away” close is by stating that the reader must qualify to purchase.  Of course, in your promotion, you may not actually want prospects to fill out an application (which requires costly staff time to review), so instead you might have them call your sales department for an “assessment”… or you might have them submit specific documentation along with their purchase… and so on.  You can also ask the reader to pre-qualify themselves, using language in your written offer such as: “To qualify as a select client…”

What kind of scarcity or “take away” close could you use?  Think through the products and services you sell right now, then jot down some notes.  To help others learn, to, why not post your scarcity or “take away” offer on my blog?

Tell me by leaving a reply below.

Until next time,

Janet Switzer

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