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With Mailing Volume Down Substantially, Snail Mail Is Actually Effective Again

The other day, I received a letter in my home mailbox promoting a heating and air conditioner package. It’s the same letter I’ve received several times a year for the past 5-6 years, but what was different about it this time was how well it stood out amongst the lack of other pieces in my mailbox.

With the drop in the economy, a corresponding drop in companies spending money on postage, and the rise of email marketing and Internet advertising, good old fashioned mailing pieces are becoming more noticed today — and thus, more effective.

Of course, snail mail has always been an ideal format for selling expensive products and services to targeted customers in upscale neighborhoods. But it’s also ideal for converting prospects on your list into buyers.

But here’s the key: Plain and simple wins the day.

It needn’t be any more elaborate than a typed letter of 2-4 pages in a simple white envelope — with your return address in the corner and the prospect’s name and address typed as if you’d sat down and written them a personal letter.

Remember the hallmark of any good marketing campaign: Be of service to the prospective customer. Address their needs. Tell them how they can improve their lives. Give them information they need to know that they might not have already. Don’t just talk about yourself, your product and your company. Ultimately, you want to approach your direct-mail campaign with the mindset, “I’m selling the solution to a problem the prospect has or I’m selling the means to achieving something the prospect wants to accomplish.”

Determining what your idea prospect wants will help you formulate the actual sales letter, announcement or other printed elements of the direct-mail package.

How can you solve the problems above or improve their lives or deliver the accomplishment they desire? Researching first what the market wants—their “hot buttons,” pain, ambitions and needs—is the key to a successful direct-mail campaign. Keeping these details in mind will help you craft the message of your direct-mail package or sales letter.

When you do eventually produce your direct-mail piece, always write your main sales letter using direct-response copy. Direct-response copy compels recipients to respond immediately to your offer. It gets them excited about the possibilities in their lives from the product or service you are offering. It tells them specifically what to do to make a purchase or to take the next step.

(For a complete tutorial on writing your sales letter or direct-mail package, see the Advertising and Copywriting Course included in the Business Enhancement System here. You’ll discover detailed information on the 16 components of a direct response-style sales letter.)

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