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Generate Instant Income All Year Long

Generate Instant Income All Year Long

Are your income-generation activities planned week-by-week in advance? Do you track your goals, numbers, people, research and other elements? Do you check off these daily to-do items as you accomplish them? Or do you find yourself constantly scrambling for emergency cash…

Become Global – Join a Powerful Network

If You Have a Product or Service That Can Be Sold in Asia, I’d Like to Introduce You to a Network of Potential Partners Who Are 110% Focused on Creating Successful Partnerships and Building Thriving Businesses.

Are New Business Start-Ups the Only Path to Significant Economic Recovery?

A new business development manager will initiate — then manage — relationships with outside parties who can drive buyers to you or otherwise help your revenues grow. They can find new markets, source new product lines or recommend new service offerings, do market research, represent you in the field, recruit bigger joint-venture partners than you would be comfortable pursuing, create important strategic alliances and so on. They are not salespeople per se, but rather, they develop entirely new revenue streams for the business.