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How To Make Offers That Compel Prospects to Buy

To help you formulate specific offers, take time now to jot down your most popular product or service packages, your most popular pricing plans, and any discounts that customers respond enthusiastically to. These elements — that is, the product or service being sold, the price, the buying terms, any discounts, the limited supply, cut-off date for purchasing and so on — are all part of any compelling offer.

Building Instant Interest for Your Product or Service.

What free information can you write, develop, lecture about or deliver that familiarizes your website visitor with you, your expertise, your company, the benefits of doing business with you — and — how to purchase what you have to offer?

Can I Ask You A Favor?

The response to my new ‘Instant Income® Planner’ has been decidedly bigger than expected. Business owners from all over the world have been downloading it by the thousands.  And the comments my office has gotten about the Planner tell me it’s a...