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Generating More Profits from Your Marketing Activity

Generating More Profits from Your Marketing Activity

Whether you want to grow your business larger or keep it the size it is now, your goal should always be to generate more profit from the revenue you bring in — and to find other low-cost, minimal-effort income streams that can bring in additional profits…

Scarcity and the “Take Away” Close

In this continuing short-course about crafting compelling offers that generate Instant Income for a small business, two techniques we use on the sales floor that translate very well into written product and service offers are scarcity and the take-away close.

Help Your Customers Sell More to Their Customers

One way to generate instant income is to help your dealers, distributors, retailers and accounts sell more to their own database of names — through a proven strategy called “co-op marketing.”

The 10-Day Instant Income Plan

10 Days. 10 Small Steps. One Very Big Turnaround for Your Business or Personal Finances. If your personal or business finances are in trouble, often the most difficult thing to do is taking the first step toward turning your situation around. The Instant Income 10-Day...