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It used to be that the best salespeople earned a base salary and other perks before any sales were made. Today, however, downsizing, business closures, layoffs and job redundancies have made some surprisingly good sales professionals available to small businesses who have a source of prospective new customers who need to be converted into paying customers.

If you’d like to get more customers, but lately have been doing the entire sales job yourself — it’s time to consider bringing on a commissioned salesperson to take on this role. You’ll discover that sales superstars are easier to find than ever.

What are sales superstars?

Those top 5% of sales professionals who generate about 70% to 90% of all sales. In order to grow your business and meet your financial goals, you want these superstars working for you. And in order to successfully hire them, you must prove that your business makes it easy and profitable to makes sales.

There are two ways to acquire sales superstars for your company; (1) Hire a sales professional, then train them on the benefits of your products and services, or (2) Hire someone familiar with your products and services and train them to do sales. Either method works well. In fact, sometimes the best salespeople are folks who have never considered a career in sales, but are so enthusiastic about your product or service, they continually “sell” for you without being in a sales position with your company. Perhaps they have a natural gift of gab, are natural-born communicators who like to educate others on the benefits of your product or service—or maybe they simply have the ability to listen to the customer’s needs and instantly give a response that shows how your product or service can meet that need. That’s natural sales ability that can be developed with the help of a few tools, scripts, and closing techniques.

To find sales superstars, you can advertise on the major jobseeker websites—in fact, these online job sites are ideal if your sales are done by telephone only. That means your sales superstars can live and work anywhere, rather than reporting to your office or geographic territory everyday for local in-person sales calls. This lets you draw from a much larger talent pool.

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